We are the only exclusive food business that offers a meal prep service to children during school holidays. With a team of Chefs, Cooks, Kitchen Assistants and a Nutritionist who have a combined 70 years of experience working in the school food hospitality sector, we work endlessly, holiday to holiday, to provide the most delicious and practical meals that children love to eat while still meeting school food standards. Without cutting corners we have ensured our meals put your child's nutrition at the forefront of our mission, in order to produce only the best. So, we make sure everything goes into making meals that are micronutrient dense, organic, and where possible made with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

What separates us from other food businesses?

The meals that we have produced have been designed by children at the clubs we work with. We handed out surveys to find out what children liked and what they didn’t like and we listened to them. The result? You have to ask the children and find out!

Our work

We use fresh, locally sourced ingredients and organic where possible!

Our idea started when we realised there was a need to improve the provision of nutrition of young people. We offer healthy prepped food for your school or club. Our team of qualified cooks who have primary school kitchen cooking experience work relentlessly to bring your children the most healthy, tasty and delicious meals possible!

We support over 10,000 children each year.

Supporting the community with food is what we strive to do during our holiday clubs. We provide meals for local councils, primary and secondary schools, as well as football camps, nurseries and day care's.

Work we’ve done so far

  • We support Trinity Church to provide their families with food over the holidays.

  • We donate to local causes and food banks.

  • We are supported by organisations like Tesco to help us help others.

We are a Food provision provider for the Holiday Activity Food Programme. We support several schools, community organisations, councils and large corporate groups provide healthy and delicious prepped meals throughout the Tees Valley.

How it works

Choose up to 5 meal options from the menu

Add the times and dates for your club and an estimate number of meals per session

We would then require a deposit payment of 20% to secure your place

We typically take in exact numbers and allergen information the week of your activity

Meals are then delivered to your provision

To enquire or order from our healthy prepped Kids Meals Menu please contact us at:

Chicken Breast With Mixed Pepper And Onion, And Roast Potatoes.

Turkey Breast With Cheesy Mashed Potato And Green Beans

Bolognese And Pasta

Breakfast Free Range Eggs With Roast Potatoes

Vegetable & Bean Pilau Rice

Vegetable And Chicken Pilau Rice

Teriyaki Grilled Chicken And Rice With Vegetable

Chipotle Chicken Wraps

Pork Steaks With Mashed Potato And Roasted Vegetables

Turkey Meatballs In Bolognese Sauce And Spaghetti


Breakfast menu £3.00

  • Porridge, banana and honey
  • Poached egg with multi grain soldiers
  • Fruit salad with cream
  • Breakfast pancakes with blueberries

Dessert menu £2.00

  • Blueberries and mango slices served with Greek yogurt and honey.
  • Low fat grated cheese with crackers and grapes.
  • Banana with reduced sugar custard.
  • Low fat/sugar chocolate yogurt with strawberries.
  • Healthy fruit smoothies; banana, apple. yogurt, berries and coconut water.
  • Healthy fruit smoothies; banana, apple. yogurt, berries and coconut water.
  • Baked apples with prunes, cinnamon and ginger.
  • Fruit Tart
  • Low sugar jelly with fruit

Lunch menu £5.00 HAF offer

  • Popcorn chicken, served with a portion of potato wedges and sweetcorn.
  • White fish, cheesy mashed potato and peas served with tomato sauce.
  • Baked jacket potato, with low fat grated cheese and baked beans, served with salad.
  • Chicken in wholemeal wraps with spinach and tomato, and melted low fat grated cheese.
    Chickpea curry, medium spice, served with pilau rice, and peas.
  • Macaroni cheese and pasta, served with carrots and peas.
  • Chilli served with rice – both the chilli and rice will have vegetables in.

Sandwich meal deal menu £3.50

  • Chicken sandwiches with baked crips and low-calorie breakfast
  • Bar Ham sandwiches with baked crips and low-calorie breakfast bar
  • Cheese sandwiches with baked crips and low-calorie breakfast bar