About Us


Hi and thanks for visiting! A bit about us; The Meal Prep Coach was set up by Gurmeet Singh a graduate in Nutrition at an accredited Masters level. After Gurmeet completed his Masters, he went on to pursue his passion for helping others through coaching and 1-1 client programming. Meal prep was set up along side training clients, and it was a way to really elevate those results for clients. The meal prep was an easy and convenient way to help clients stay accountable for their caloric goals, and ensure they were getting the proper nutrition required to help them progress. Results from the meal prep were staggering for all clients who used it. Cath who worked with Gurmeet completely transformed her physique in such a short time.

Part of coaching people also involved providing fitness and sports to children in schools. With Live it & Get Active, Gurmeet was proactively working with his team to help children get fitter and healthier. It was during the delivery of the Live it & Get Active holiday clubs where we realised the food, we were receiving from other providers could be much better. With the help the great people around us, including coaches, schools’ staff and school cooks we have been able to come up with a great system. A system which can create healthy, low-cost, high-quality meals for children during holiday clubs or large events. Meals are produced at our school kitchen and follow school standards for healthy meals. Our aim is to exceed the expectations of our users and produce the tastiest food that children enjoy to eat, but still keeping things healthy.